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Book 1 & Book 2



After a high-profile shooting incident, Dell Hinton left the Boston Police Department and moved to a quiet community in rural Maine.

Living by the lake for a year, he enjoyed the tranquility and considered his future. His friend, the local minister, convinces him to run for the office of Castaway County Sheriff.

Once elected, Dell assumes the new position and finds that being a sheriff is very different from being a police officer. The incumbent sheriff tells him about a cold murder case that the prior sheriff has never been able to solve. Dell decides to investigate the case to get justice for the victim while learning to be a county sheriff.


When Dell Hinton's phone rings in the middle of the night, he knows it's bad news for someone. The Castaway County's Sheriff is called to a multiple homicide at the Black Bear truck stop. A short night has turned into a very long day.

When he arrives at the gruesome scene, he learns that a game-warden and two clerks are victims of an apparent robbery. With Lieutenant Frank Bell of the Maine State Police Bureau of Investigations at the helm, Dell is once again at the heart of a complex investigation. The only witness to the killings, one of the two clerks, is in a coma and there is no apparent motive besides a botched robbery, so the sheriff begins following a trail of clues that soon lead him to believe he may be dealing with a professional killer rather than an amateur thief.

In this gripping mystery, a sheriff in the north woods of Maine must use his investigative skills and common sense to piece together the puzzle of what really happened at the Black Bear Truck Stop on a warm summer night.

Book 3

Will a missing woman be found before it's too late?


Sheriff Dell Hinton returns with a missing persons case that plagues his every waking hour. A young woman has disappeared in his rural county in Downeast Maine. She may have run away but the possibility of something more sinister is very real. With no ransom demand nor trace of the woman, even darker thoughts enter Dell's head. Will her body turn up and shatter the lives of the people of the close-knit county?

He and his colleagues have almost no evidence to go on, so he decides to call on the help of the Maine State Police. The combined team starts their investigation in the backwoods of Maine, but will their search end in joy or the beginning of the hunt for a murderer?

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